Ads with prizes

Ads with prizes

Promote your products by giving prizes

See how it works

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Incentivize users to watch your ad

Users who watch 25 seconds of your ad will get a prize!

Get a link and publish your ad everywhere

After creating your ad you will get a redirect link. Use it to post your ad on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook... Wherever you want!

Prizes are randomly generated

All prizes are different and randomly generated so users do not need to be the first to watch your ad to get the biggest prize

We help you broadcast your ad

You don't need any user, friend or follower. When you create your ad we notify more than 4000 HandCash users by sending them the link to your ad.

Get the list of those who watched your ad

You can see which users have earned money by watching your ad and how much they have earned. Use this to give premium prizes, for example to raffle an NFT.

Boost your Ad

You can use the โ€œBoost Ad Buttonโ€ to re-notify those users who have not yet watched it.

Although when you launch your ad for the first time we notify hundreds of users through HandCash and sending them Push Notifications, maybe you want to re-notfy users again.

Redirect users to your site!

We redirect the interested users wherever you want, so they can spent their prizes on your site!

Start now from $5

Get a refund of your unspent money

Stop your campaign at any time and get your unspent money back. We have multiple packages: $5, $10, $20 and $30.